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Professor Pereira has been a productive scholar, having published 18 peer-reviewed scholarly articles, 3 additional articles in peer-reviewed practitioner journals, 5 peer-reviewed conference proceedings, and 5 invited book chapters. He is also one of the authors of the HOPE Teacher Rating Scale, an instrument designed to involve teachers in identifying gifted and talented students, especially students from underrepresented populations. Since joining Purdue’s College of Education, Professor Pereira has secured 4 external grants ($4.69 million), 2.25 as a Principal Investigator. His most recent award from the United 


States Department of Education focuses on his three research strands and involves identifying students with potential in STEM, designing STEM curricula and providing enrichment opportunities to students, and understanding students’ experiences in STEM talent development programs. He has also received internal grants from the Purdue Research Foundation and the College of Education. He regularly presents his research at national and international conferences and has delivered 5 keynote addresses. A highly valued collaborator, he has published with current and former graduate students and scholars from Purdue and other universities.  He has received 5 research awards since 2015. He currently is on the editorial boards of 3 gifted education journals and is an associate editor for Gifted and Talented International.

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